A community of empowered, healthy, and morally-upright families, living in a sustainably-built and natural environment, profelled by vibrant economy and administered by decent, proactive and responsible public servants.

By 2020, Bulalacao sparkles as:

  • The Eco-Agro-Tourism Hub of Mindoro Island
  • Valued producer of renewable energy
  • Gateway point to Southern Philippines
  • An establised special economic zone


General Public Services

  • To establish an efficient local organization which is responsive to the needs of the locality and effectively manages its resources to sustain growth and development.

Social Services

  • To provide free, accessible and quality education for all
  • To uplift the general health condition of the people
  • To improve the housing condition of the municipality
  • To uplift the living condition of the families belonging to the 30% bottom
  • To preserve the peace and order condition
  • To provide the community opportunities for wholesome leisure and recreation for the promotion of physical and emotional growth
  • To provide adequate facilities for the physical development of the community
  • To preserve cultural heritage and promote social equity/justice particularly that of the indigenous

Economic Development Sector

  • To promote healthful and safe mobility of people and efficient movement of goods and serrvices by municipal wide development
  • To provide efficinet, reliable and adequate communication facilities and service
  • To provide available and efficient water system that provides potable water supply regularly
  • To promote growth of commercial and industrial activity in the locality
  • To formulate a tourism master plan and adopt the same for implementation
  • To strengthen agricultural and fishery production to uplift the small farming and fishing communities
  • To provide strong infrastructure to establish economic trading links, tourism and agricultural development
  • To promote proper utilization of forest land, river, marine, and coastal resources

Effective Governance

Offers dynamic and proactive leadership that truly cares for the people.

Environmentally Friendly

Promotes renewable energy solutions in order to provide clean and healthy environment.


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